Chemiosmosis in photosynthesis

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Compare and Contrast: Chloroplasts and Mitochondria

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Chemiosmosis - ATP Synthesis in Chloroplasts Photosynthesis is a process that takes place in the leaves of plants where carbon dioxide and water is converted to carbohydrates, also producing oxygen. This process occurs within the chloroplasts, on the thylakoid membranes that.

The high concentration of hydrogen ions pumped into the inner thylakoid space (the thylakoid lumen) can then be used to make ATP by a process called chemiosmosis. The electron finally gets dumped on the molecule NADP (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate) changing that molecule into NADPH.

Respiration, chemiosmosis and oxidative phosphorylation

The force of these ions flowing back to the matrix during chemiosmosis is the conversion of that potential energy to kinetic energy which is used to put ATP together (potential chemical energy) What are the two main reactants of cellular respiration?

AP Bio Photosynthesis & Respiration Multiple Choice ____ In mitochondria, chemiosmosis translocates protons from the matrix into the intermembrane space, whereas in chloroplasts, chemiosmosis translocates protons from a. the stroma to the photosystem II. b. the matrix to the stroma. Chapter 10 – Photosynthesis – Homework.

1. Write. the basic equation for Photosynthesis (Ps) and identify which reactants/products are During the light reaction the proton gradient created by chemiosmosis can be as great.

as pH units. Explain. on which side of the membrane (stroma or lumen of the grana) the. C4 photosynthesis is more efficient than C3 under certain conditions. 5bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase – Most abundant protein on earth (% of total plant protein) – Activity depends on carbon dioxide concentration in the turkiyeninradyotelevizyonu.comespiration and rubisco Rubisco – Ribulose 1.

Chemiosmosis in photosynthesis
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Where does chemiosmosis take place in photosynthesis? - Lifeeasy Biology: Questions and Answers