Cute paper

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Make Your Own Cute Box Envelopes

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DIY Baby Mustache Pacifier + Printable Template PDF

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Paper Plate Sheep Craft

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DIY Baby Mustache Pacifier + Printable Template PDF

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A step-by-step tutorial on how to make a crepe paper water lily. Make your own cute box envelopes with our free printable and tutorial.

Pinterest Cleaning Tips Tested

Let’s get crafty and have some fun with this easy DIY! If you are using the “envelope system” for your budgeting, these box envelopes will really help a lot! Canon Inc. provides a wealth of free download materials on this site is full of interesting content, like Paper Craft and Scrapbook, so you're sure to find something you like.

Have fun printing out on your Canon Inkjet printer. Aren't they *snow cute*! I wrapped a full sized chocolate bar with white wrapping paper and then stamped the largest Peachy Keen *Snow Cutie* face, from the assortment set, with black Momento ink. © Paper Glitter, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Site design by We started our journey in with one mission; to make cute paper crafting projects. I planned to make a flower-covered paper lantern for months.

Not until I found a white poinsettia garland at a Michael’s after-Christmas clearance did it become a reality. Normally, I’m not a fan of artificial flowers, but I think this is a great way to use them.

Cute paper
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