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NFL Head Coaches

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Florida high school football coach who was seen shielding students from gunfire dies

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Arizona has fired football coach Rich Rodriguez after six seasons in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation and a recent notice of a hostile-workplace lawsuit to be filed against the school.

Kind and generous are not typically the first two adjectives associated with a football coach. But John Boyle was no typical football coach. As the head man at Clarke High School in Westbury for 31 ye.

Pop Warner is the largest and oldest youth football and cheer & dance program in the world. Pop Warner is the only youth football and cheerleading organization that.

Michigan's Jim Harbaugh leads college football coaches in salary

In association football, the duties of a coach can vary depending on the level they are coaching at and the country they are coaching in, amongst youth football, the primary objective of a coach is to aid players in the development of their technical skills, with emphasis on the enjoyment and fair play of the game rather than physical or tactical development.

PETE CARROLL - SEATTLE SEAHAWKS HEAD FOOTBALL COACH. One of only three coaches to win a Super Bowl and college football national championship, Pete Carroll is in his ninth year as head coach and executive vice president of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, following one of the most successful runs in the college football history while at USC.

Football coach
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