Hrm soccer

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Halifax council signs off on new soccer stadium and professional team for downtown

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Halifax approves downtown pop-up soccer stadium in bid for new team

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Support Feed Nova Scotia Please support Feed Nova Scotia! If you are at the BMO Soccer Center between Dec.please drop off a non-perishable food item to support Feed NS this holiday Season. Please check Player Number before ordering uniforms: Halifax YS Player Numbers List *If you don’t see a number for your child, please send an email to [email protected] for a number to be assigned before placing an uniform order.

Football Predictions: Goal underCorner overHalifax (based on history stats, only for reference). Metro Senior Men's Soccer League - Official Website - League news, events, schedules and more. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia - Home of the Tall Ships Festival. - The number one name in Sports Administration Software.


GOALLINE specializes in building web based tools for enhancing sports organizations. Christian Mack hauls in a long pass from Comet quarterback Ryan Moore early in the first quarter of Thursday’s regional playoff game against North Stafford, setting up Halifax’s first touchdown on the night.

Hrm soccer
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