My shipboard training

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Shipboard Training Program FAQs

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My Shipboard Training Case Study Solution & Analysis

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All these data, after transit through translation intermediate capacities, are stored in a new tank 85m3 capacity for our example. Shipboard Training is the one year practicum component of the four-year BSMT/BSMarE course, which must be completed if the cadet is to acquire a BSMT or a BSMarE degree.

Practical, dynamic & cost effective maritime training

Generally it is undertaken if the cadet has completed the. Welcome to the Surface Warfare Officers School Command - a "Center of Excellence" for Surface Warfare – where we take pride in being the focal point for training the Officers and enlisted Sailors who man and fight our ships.

Our Navy is in the midst of a "training revolution" which makes this an exciting time to be at SWOSCOLCOM.

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Seafood & Maritime Training has done an outstanding job over many years in training our young, and not so young, seafarers to be accomplished seamen and women to work in our wild catch fisheries and aquaculture industry.

My shipboard training is very memorable. Because all the first time that happens while on my training is also first time of the other crew that has been on service for how many years.

First time to transit on gulf of Aden, first time on dry dock, and also first time to lost a crew member on board. How much does it cost to process a Safe Manning Document? The fees will be charged upon approval of application and the document will be released to the applicant after payment has been made.

September 15, New format of Computer Based Assessment. The new format of assessment in applying for Certificate of Validation, Assessment and Approval of 12 or 36 months Sea-Going Service/s (Formerly BS Assessment), is now being use by UCMETC Shipboard Training Office.

My shipboard training
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Shipboard Training Program