Paper dragon illusion

Genjutsu: Sharingan

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Dragon Quest 11: Expert/Beginner Double Preview

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Dragon Illusion

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Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia

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The 3D Paper Dragon optical illusion. Simply print out the template, cut out the picture and assemble it as instructed.

Free Animated Mechanical Paper Models + Optical Illusion Paper Toys

The trick works because the dragon has a hollow face, but your mind perceives it as a normal face. When you move around, the dragon's will head will appear to turn and follow you.

Interesting things to make out of paper—from mathematical models to toys.

It's an amazing. CutOutFoldUp --Interesting things to make out of paper from mathematical models to toys. Gaze-following Dragon. This is a must-see illusion.

Cut out and fold up this dragon and prepare to be amazed as it seems to follow you with its gaze. Shop from our huge range of Magic Tricks & Optical Illusions. We stock a wide range of rare, handmade magical items including Einstein Face & Many others!

A practical optical illusion for children and adults. Print and count out the image of the dragon. Stick it it together and prepare to be amazed as the dragon appear to move its head.

Rotating Wheels The circles appear to rotate when you move your head closer and further away from the screen while looking at the dot in the center.

Paper dragon illusion
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