Pleasantville characters

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Pleasantville to Somers Point Bike Path

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A description of tropes appearing in Pleasantville. A deliberately troperrific dramedy film written and directed by Gary Ross, starring Reese. Pleasantville to Somers Point Bike Path spans mi. from Devins Lane (Pleasantville) to Route 52 Causeway (Somers Point). View amenities, descriptions, reviews, photos, itineraries, and directions on TrailLink.

David Wagner is a kid whose mind is stuck in the s. He's addicted to a classic 50's sitcom television show called "Pleasantville".

Pleasantville is a simple place, a place where all of its citizens are swell and simple-minded folks, a place where the word "violence", and life outside of Pleasantville, is unbeknownst to its inhabitants; things are perfect down in Pleasantville. Pleasantville is a historical neighborhood in Houston, Texas, “a planned community built specifically for Negro families of means and class” in the wake of World War II, and one of its favorite sons, Axel Hathorne, has just entered a runoff election for mayor of Houston/5.

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Reese Witherspoon

List of Pleasantville characters, with pictures when available. These characters from the movie Pleasantville are ordered by their prominence in the film, so .

Pleasantville characters
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