Tourism industry in switzerland

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Travel in Switzerland

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Tourism Industry 2018

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Economy of Switzerland

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Industry Testimonial.

Tourism Industry Indonesia

We enjoy a hugely beneficial relationship with Tourism Ireland Spain. We’ve gained fantastic exposure to the Spanish market through Tourism Ireland’s digital opportunities to feature in e-zines, social media and online competitions.

Official statistics of tourism were planned sincebut were only realized fromand continued until Sincethe Federal Statistical Office had discontinued its own statistics, but collaborates with Switzerland Tourism in the publication of yearly "Swiss Tourism Figures".

In the year as a total number of 4, registered hotels or hostels, offering a total ofSwitzerland - Travel & Tourism: A volume driven market (Strategy, Performance and Risk Analysis)SummarySwitzerland is one of the world’s most competitive economies and ranks highly in terms of country.

A Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland prepares students for a management career in the global hospitality industry. One of the objectives of the GWI is to initiate, gather, and trumpet quality industry research.

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Tourism industry in switzerland
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